Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Corsicana -- Then and Now: Carnegie Library

The "then" shot is a postcard from 1906. The "now" shots are of a mural painted in 1998 by Brad Smith (who also did the Malakoff mural I posted on my other CDB blog). I took these April 21 of this year. If you check out the story below (link: 32 Carnegie libraries) you'll see photos of the mural that someone else took in 2000. The mural is on an outside wall of the current library.

Corsicana had a literary magazine in the early 1880s and a Carnegie Library in 1904. The library was originally built at a cost of $25,000, which put it in the middle range of the 32 Carnegie libraries that were originally built in Texas. Of these, 13 remain with only 4 serving their original purpose.

While the Carnegie library in Corsicana was razed in 1967, it still lives in the 1998 mural by Brad Smith. This mural is a fine example of a forgotten building brought back to life in an affordable manner.

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