Wednesday, May 7, 2008

ABC Wednesday: P for Post Office, Then and Now

My ABC Wednesday Photo is of the Post Office in Corsicana. Our cars have sure changed more than this building has! Click the icon below to see more ABC Wednesday photos linked to Mrs. Nesbitt's Place.



Pernille's ting og tang said...

Nice P's and very nice shots!

Have fun:)

Ackworth Born said...

good to see the then and now

Petunia said...

Great p post!!!

Ida said...

It`s nice to be able to see then and now. The changes. Some for good. Most of them, i`m sure. :)


Texas Travelers said...

Good combination Post.

We stopped at Corsicana on our way back from the coast and bought $100.00 worth of dark chocolate candy. Shame on us. Ummmmm.

I love the then and now concept.
thanks for sharing.

Nice photographs

"P" is Posted.
Come visit,
Troy and Martha,
in Ft. Worth

Neva said...

I like your before and now.....the cars are a hoot compared to the horses!
Mine are posted!
Neva 1
Neva 2

Helena said...

The POst Office in my town is in a beautiful old Tudor building. Why on earth didn't I think of it for my "P"??? LOL!

Texas Travelers said...

I notice you have a link on the side bar to the World Famous Fruitcake. I didn't stop there the other day. It seems like I have been ordering them through the mail since Texas was a State. ;0

Again, thanks for the history in photos, Troy

Gordon said...

A lovely old building; nice to see it still in use.

Lake Lady said...

Troy & Martha, Collin Street Bakery now has a 2nd sale outlet on I-45 just south of Hwy 287. Guess I need to include them in my then/now series! MUCH MORE than just fruitcakes now, you know!