Saturday, May 3, 2008

Corsicana, Then and Now: Oakwood Fountain

TnChick hosts a Theme Day called Photo Hunt. Today's theme is TIME. Since this blogsite is mostly about time...Corsicana Then and Now....I decided the whole blog is applicable today! I hope TnChick agrees. Please click her link to see more.

For more information about the history and restoration of this fountain, please click here. You'll see where I found the old postcard photo above, posted in 1906. I took the new shots on Monday of this week. My ABC Wednesday post below is the gate to this cemetery. Your comments indicated an interest in old cemeteries, so I will be going back to find some more interesting shots to share.

Here's a teaser from the story in the Corsicana Daily Sun linked above:


A skeptical parks department employee initially dismissed an elderly resident's claim that a turn-of-the-century fountain in Oakwood Cemetery once overflowed into a large pool beneath it.

"An elderly fellow came out here after this thing had been knocked down and he said there used to be a pool there about three feet deep," Tim Roop said.

Curious, however, Roop decided to investigate. After all, the cast-iron bowl and base of the fountain were pushed over by vandals at Christmas time and the city was thinking of raising money to restore the structure.


-TNChick- said...

Awesome concept you have here. The major difference in the photos, I see, are the trees!

Sarge Charlie said...

wow, that is a great contrast of time

Flo said...

This is fascinating, an entire blog devoted to the changes in a town. I love the idea.

Mine is up over at Flo's Place

Abraham Lincoln said...

This made an interesting post to read and the photograph was really nice too.