Thursday, July 10, 2008

One more from West Texas

As Corsicana is proud of their Tigers, it looks like Brownwood is proud of their Lions. This sculpture is in front of a radio or TV station just off downtown.


bitingmidge said...

The lion looks like granite, but looking at the tail I suspect it's some sort of resin?

It's terribly majestic!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

babooshka said...

He is so majestic. I love these low shot looking skywards. Fabulous shot.

Lake Lady said...

Babooshka....I felt like "the crazy lady with the camera" that you often mention in Ramsey! When I finished taking the photos and went back to the car there were 2 women in a dress shop across the street who had actually climbed into a window display to keep an eye on the stranger in their town! LOL.