Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day --- Pioneers of Corsicana


HISTORY OF CORSICANA, TEXAS. Corsicana was established in 1848 to serve as the county seat of newly-established Navarro County. José Antonio Navarro, a hero of the Texas Revolution, after whom the county was named, was given the honor of naming the new town; he suggested Corsicana after the island of Corsica, the birthplace of his parents. David R. Mitchell, an early area settler, donated 100 acres for a townsite, and with the assistance of Thomas I. Smith, platted the land and began selling lots. The new town was centered near a log tavern built in 1847 and owned and operated by Rev. Hampton McKinney.

I've been trying to find the graves of Mitchell, Smith and McKinney but have been unsuccessful so far. I'll keep trying!
Happy Father's Day!


babooshka said...

You have answered the question for me as to the town names origins. I did wonder if there was a conncetion to the island.Interesting take on Father's day.

Anonymous said...

i have visited corsicana and seem to remember that the text on the back side of this statue is just absolutely fabulous...but i can't find it anywhere online. could you post that on this page? thanks, and i enjoy your site!