Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ABC Wednesday-- U is for Union Pacific Railroad

Noticed there was suddenly a lot more equipment and activity behind the Corsicana Visitor's Center lately and did a quick Google search. Here's what I found:

From the website of Railway Track and Structures:

UP rail work getting under way near Corsicana, Texas

Crews from Union Pacific got started June 2 on a railroad tie and crossing replacement project through Corsicana, Texas, local newspapers report. Preliminary work done in May prepared several crossings through Corsicana for the replacement work. Crews are working on track and crossings from Corsicana to Grosebeck as part of a $4.7-million improvement project, according to UP spokesman Mark Davis.

Over 100 crewmen from throughout the Southwest are taking part in the work in the area. Cars, trucks and campers filled parking areas in the vicinity of the Union Pacific station near Seventh
Avenue and Beaton Street over the weekend as they arrived to start work.

“There are 32,000 railroad ties and about 28,400 tons of rock to be placed,” Davis explained. The work is part of a system-wide improvement plan through the 23 states that Union Pacific operates in, he added.

Approximately 10 crossings in Corsicana will be rebuilt in the work. In May, crews removed
large metal plates at the crossings and filled in the gaps with blacktop.

Davis said all the crossings should be returned to normal by August. The rail tie replacement should be completed by the end of June, he said.

Anyone who's ever driven through Corsicana knows we have a LOT of railroad crossings and chances are very good that they spent time parked at one of them. I know I have!
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Powell River Books said...

I love to ride trains. I remember taking the train from Los Angeles to visit my grandmother in Modesto. The most exciting thing for me as a young child was eating in the dining car watching all the farm fields passing by. I invite you to come see my U is for Use and Re-Use. -- Margy

mrsnesbitt said...

June 2nd, hubby's birthday too!

Quiet Paths said...

I love trains. These were really interesting photos! We all need to use trains more. I think they will help us get out of this oil mess....

raf said...

Wonderful post and photos, LL, for the letter U! Thank you for the great info on UP in Corsicana too.

babooshka said...

This was an excellent choice and I#m surprised it wasn't used more by other bloggers. Great post full of info and images. Both your u's were
So different from most posts for the letter.